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years pension reform has pushed people out the door. there were layoffs and then officers quit to work for our south bay cities where pension contributions are lower and the pay better. the police union says what started as a trickle has become a flood. >> we have another six officers that walked out the door just this week. nine more officers going to be resigning by the end of the month. >> reporter: san jose pd has enjoyed a regional reputation as a good place to work but as word spreads of officer discontents, the pool of potential candidates is getting smaller. >> the pay and compensation packages is dramatically less than what it used to be. so as the future goes forward it's going to be more and more difficult to hire people to come from other places to work here. there will always be that group of people who live here or want to be comes here. but we have fewer people coming to us than we used to. >> reporter: the 44 officers currently in the san jose police academy won't be ready to patrol the streets on their own until july. another academy is starting in april but those officers won't
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be ready for the streets until january of 2014. the problem is the department needs them right now. live from san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. we're learning more tonight about how two people ended up bound and gagged and dumped in the middle of the san francisco street. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez is at the murder scene with information on the aliases some of the suspects went by. >> reporter: we're in the 3700 block of san bruno and in this home here behind me, this is where two of the women who were arrested happen to live. it's also the place where two men ganged up on the male victim and two women ganged up on the female victim, beat them and gagged them and left them for dead. according to court documents, the two male suspects one carrying a gun went inside this home at 3733 san bruno avenue assaulted the male victim, 26- year-old steve reed and tied
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his hands behind his back. then prosecutors say suspects beat the female victim 19-year- old audrey prado, hog-tied her arms to her ankles and gagged her with a sock. last night a resident told cbs 5 reporter linda yee that the police took key evidence away including bedding. >> she had it in her room. >> reporter: like what, computer? >> computer, mattresses. >> reporter: mattresses? >> like beds. >> reporter: police believe one of the suspects shot steven reed in the neck. both victims were dumped on a sidewalk about a half mile away on brussels street. steven reed was dead, prado is still in the hospital. >> they were overpowered and, you know, whether it was done to send a message, do to facilitate the beating and shoot something unclear. >> reporter: five suspects were arrested in hercules earlier this week. the woman at the door said the police got it wrong but wouldn't elaborate. can you tell me anything about -- >> happy holidays. >> reporter: in court this
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afternoon, the judge would not allow to us point cameras at the suspects but of the four that appeared before the judge, two men and one woman were charged with murder, another woman charged with assault. >> one of the women who was arrest who lives in this home has been released and the charges were dropped against her. we are told by neighbors that some people came here grabbed her belongings and took off. it is still unclear. the original motive of this murder is unclear. joe vazquez, cbs 5. it's a story burning up the internet right now. a san francisco police sergeant posted a video that appears to show him driving 100 miles an hour through san francisco's broadway tunnel. take a look. this video was posted on a facebook page and was shows the
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car hitting the gas from larkin street to chinatown in what's said to be a lamborghini. the speed limit is 35. there is no way to identify who was driving. among the comments, "plus we were all drunk." the matter is under investigation. governor brown is battling prostate cancer. his office revealed his condition just a few hours ago. it's the governor's second cancer diagnosis in the past two years. back in 2011, he underwent minor surgery for skin cancer. dr. kim mulvihill joining us now with what we know so far about his current condition and how they are treating him. >> reporter: allen, right now we know the governor is being treated at ucsf but won't discuss his treatment. prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. this year in california, more than 20,000 men will be diagnosed. most including governor brown will have early stage prostate cancer. now, that means it's localized to the prostate gland and has not spread. governor brown is being treated
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with a conventional course of radiation which typically means five days a week for four or five weeks. the governor's office says he is working a full schedule through the treatment which will be completed the week of january 7th. his prognosis is excellent and no side effects, significant side effects, are expected. >> many years ago my dad's treatment was surgery but they are not doing that. radiation typically at this stage? >> reporter: you have options. with early stage prostate cancer you can have surgery, radiation therapy or you can have what we call watchful waiting, active surveillance. and the decision it all comes down to the age of the patient, do they have other medical problems, how do they feel about things and how aggressive is their cancer. >> well, the skin cancer was minor in terms of that. and he is pretty healthy. >> he is in very good health. so for him, making the decision for radiation makes a lot of sense. he has a 97% chance of a cure just from the radiation. so best wishes to him. they have been fighting to sweep the streets clean of
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human trafficking and today, the community rewarded the sisters of the holy family for the difference they make in our communities but as cbs 5 reporter da lin shows us, their fight is far from over. >> reporter: most people think of human trafficking as a crime that happens outside the u.s. when it's just as big a problem in the u.s. >> it's a national epidemic of children being bought and sold for profit. >> the human trafficking is really modernday slavery. >> reporter: sister foster is one of the nuns who has been working for the last six years to stop human trafficking in the bay area. the sisters work out of this quiet peaceful church in fremont. they don't work directly with the victims. instead, they work with local organizations that reach out to women who are forced into prostitution, providing those agencies with money and donating gifts to the victims. they also partner with the fbi to find help and resources for those victims, though the sisters admit they were
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reluctant to do so at first. >> i need the fbi because of the work that i'm doing. fbi needs us because we're that link to the community. >> reporter: and because of their work, the fbi today honored the sisters with the prestigious directors community leadership award. the sisters say the award is a recognition for all the organizations that fight human trafficking. >> it couldn't have been awarded to a more deserving organization. >> reporter: nola runs a nonprofit in oakland known as messy which empowers girls exploited by the sex trade industry. she says the sisters are one of the reasons why they can continue to help victims in the east bay. >> we stand on their shoulders. we would not be here doing the work that we do if it wasn't for their support. >> reporter: the sisters say it's a long battle and this award only reaffirms that they are making a difference. >> every small act combined with other small acts becomes a big act. >> reporter: in fremont, i'm da lin, cbs 5.
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covering the bay area the morgan hill man suspected of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar did not enter a plea it court today. that's because antolin garcia- torres is now also charged with trying to schedule nap three women in 2009 -- trying to kidnap three women in 2009 all from safeway parking lots in morgan hill. his next court date is february 6. two people behind bars in connection with a marijuana grow operation in oakland. they were arrested after police raided a warehouse near edgewater drive and roland way early this morning. officers found hundreds of pot plants inside along with the cultivation equipment. and a suspected drunk driver broke a toddler's crib in half when he smashed into her bedroom wall overnight in san jose. the 2-year-old was not hurt. the driver caught the driver as he fled. it was the bay area's original area code 415. and now, it could be split up again with the introduction of
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a new code. 628 is being considered because the prefixes for 415 will be used up by 2015. two options are being considered dividing up the 415 or starting all new numbers with 628. how do you squeeze a new neighborhood into san francisco? you rebuild treasure island in a big way. the ambitious plan that would transform this land into something that looks more like south of market. >> and one of the hottest debates in america broke ground in california today. our region is about to be fracked. >> it's also about to dry out. we had a weak little storm move through the bay area that's mostly gone. tomorrow looks good. and then changes are on the way. we have all the details coming up with our forecast after a break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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project in san francisco has taken a big step forward. nw three different bay area
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locations could st an ambitious development project in san francisco has taken a big step forward. now three different bay area locations could start to see almost $2 billion worth of new housing. cbs 5 political insider phil matier is on treasure island to tell us more on who is bankrolling all of this. >> reporter: it's interesting. behind us is a million-dollar view and that's one of the biggest selling points in this deal that has a very unusual partner. here's the story. this is treasure island today smack-dab in the middle of the san francisco bay. this is how it may look in a couple of years thanks to the people's republic of china, which has agreed to bankroll one of the biggest and most ambitious developments in the bay area. >> we are going to see a new san francisco neighborhood. >> reporter: with towers as high as 40 stories and parks and business space it's to be the home for about 18 to 20,000 people. it's going to mean two new bridge ramps and ferry service to san francisco. >> it will really be one of the
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landmarks in san francisco. >> reporter: making this landmark a reality, however, meant going to china for the estimated $700 million. and that means we are going to see another first. >> the china development bank is requiring that a chinese construction company be given the first right to negotiate a general contract agreement. >> reporter: in other words, not only will the chinese government finance the deal, they are going to build it, as well. and the construction unions are going along because it's going to mean thousands of jobs and because the chinese have agreed to hire locally. >> we're very disappointed that we had to go to china to get money. it's ironic that wall street and american corporations didn't think well enough to invest in housing and jobs. >> reporter: what's in it for the chinese? >> treasure island represents one of the greatest investment opportunities in north america. >> reporter: but it's going to take a lot of money and work. in fact, they are going to need to bring in something like 1.5 million cubic yards of dirt like this to lift up the sinking island. and the first batch here is
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coming from the caldecott tunnel dig across the bay. which gives you an idea of the challenges they still face because this island is sinking. now, in addition to the development here, they are also putting money into the bayview- hunters point shipyard deal as well for housing there. the reason? because china is interested in investing in america not just buying but developing and san francisco appears to be the first stop. in treasure island, phil matier, cbs 5. despite the threat of lawsuits, the feds went through with a controversial auction today. >> do i have four, four bidder four, do i have five? >> more than 17,000 acres of federal oil and gas leases in monterey, san benin tow and fresno counties were sold off to the highest bidders as part of what's known as the monterey shale estimated to hold 15.5 billion barrels of oil reserves. speculators believe the oil can
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be reached now through a controversial process called fracking. the lease sales pose no proven threat to the environment. >> we do an environmental assessment it's a lengthy document. we look at potential impacts on endangered species, visual air quality. >> they were not addressing these particular parcels as though these new technologies would be used. fracking has dramatically changed operations throughout the united states. >> these environmental groups protested the auction and have filed an official protest. brian, we got a break from the rain but sounds like it's not going to last very long. not terribly long. tomorrow we get a chance to dry. it will be sunny. looks like friday we'll get wet again. not dramatically wet but nevertheless there's just these series of impulses one after another that will be moving through the bay area. tomorrow looks okay right now. as we look at hi-def doppler
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from mount vaca, not much. the numbers are getting cool. 47 degrees in concord. 53 for oakland. livermore 48 degrees at the airport. 50 degrees. so if you head out the door tonight it's going to be chilly. patchy dense morning fog could form as a result. and this might mess up the morning commute a little bit. next rain coming into the bay area on friday. but as i say tomorrow looks good. tonight looks mostly a-okay. we'll have clearing and cool, temperatures in the upper 40s around the bay. inland cooler than that between now and about 9:00 tonight. time lapse shows us what happens, low pressure sinks out of the gulf of alaska. you can see the southern branch of the jet stream low over the west coast. as a result we have all of that cold air spilling down from the gulf of alaska filtering into the bay area so we'll get increasing sunshine tomorrow but tonight it's going to be chilly. 34 degrees in santa rosa. down to 43 in san francisco. 38 for san jose and 34 at
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livermore. tomorrow highs in the mid-40s about 3 to 7 degrees cooler than we are on average this time of the year. in the extended forecast it looks all right. looks like friday turns wet again another quarter to half inch of rain and then we'll just begin to dry it out a little bit friday night and then saturday and sunday, right now looks like on-again, off-again rain for the weekend but the models are completely fractured on this. one is going dry, another one going wet. we'll need another 24 hours to run the models. early part of next week, there is no agreements on what's going to be handed in the extended so stay tuned. tomorrow looks good, friday looks wet. we'll have more details coming up as well as the meteor showers coming up. stay tuned. thinking about heading to l.a. for a few days? you have a new travel option. how the megatrip measures up in time and costs. >> i have no choice. i have to sign it. >> one man's trash collection
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charge is another man's bargain. the bay area city rolling out new rates and some residents say the new prices are garbage. ♪ because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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after a four year hiatus, te "megabus" is back. the double decker express bs service made its bay area rn compares: after a four-year hiatus, the megabus is back. the double-decker express bus service made its bay area return today. now, here's how it compares. to go from san francisco to l.a., it's 30 bucks just under 8 hours. it's cheaper than greyhound. it's faster and cheaper than amtrak. and while southwest airlines will get you there much faster it's going to cost you 5 times as much. the cost of getting your trash picked up in san carlos is going up. you think less garbage, less of an increase, right?
6:21 pm
but that's not exactly the case. cbs 5 reporter don ford has the story. >> reporter: trash day in san carlos, new cans all lined up. starting january, new rates are going up, too. but not everyone gets the same rate increase. smaller cans get a large increase. large cans get a smaller increase. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: this is a smaller can. >> if i have to pay more, then i might as well as get the bigger size but i have less garbage. so it's going to be kind of a waste of space for me. >> reporter: smaller cans get a biggest rate increase 20.5% bringing the monthly cost for a 20-gallon can to nearly $21 a month. but those with supersized cans of 96 gallons will get a rate hike of only 6% bringing their monthly cost to $93.45. assistant city manager brian mooar says it's all about the cost of doing business. >> our residents who have bigger cart sizes pay more than
6:22 pm
the real cost of service and conversely, residents who have smaller carts paying less than what it really costs. >> reporter: it's called rate equity ensuring everyone pays what it costs to have the cans picked up. the mayor disagrees. he believes some folks just can't afford the increase. >> the increase on the 20- gallon can even with what we came up with is arguably not a lot of money $4 a month. but when you're only receiving $650 a month, that's not a lot of money, either. >> reporter: the council voted it in and now the mayor has to sign. >> i have no choice, i'm the mayor. i have to sign it. ha. >> reporter: and with that like it or not, those rates are going to stay in place at least for the next 12 months. in san carlos, don ford cbs 5. coming up in our next half hour, a young man acting alone with an assault rifle. it's an all-too-familiar story that leaves countless unanswered questions. what we have learned tonight about the portland mall gunman.
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the time for politics has ended. we need bipartisan -- >> don't you wish?! in a political world drowning in political money there is a new reality invading your television, campaigns will never die... >> this sounds like a really, really good number to -- it's a lucky number. >> yes. a whole lot of 12s today. how some honored that once in a lifetime date and the next big calendar event looming right around the corner. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. we're learning more about te gunman who opened fire on cs more about the gunman who od day >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. now at 6:30, we're learning more about the gunman who opened fire on crowds of holiday shoppers at a portland area mall. the shooter has been identified as 22-year-old jacob tyler roberts, a portland man with no known criminal history. investigators say he stole the semi-automatic rifle he used in yesterday's attack from someone he knew. he killed two people and injured a third before turning the gun on himself. but it could have been much worse. the sheriff says roberts' rifle jammed allowing people more time to escape while he fixed it. well, you would think the end of the election season would be the end of political
6:27 pm
ads on tv. only now instead of targeting candidates, these current ads are targeting issues. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee looks into the way super pacs are funding a new wave of political messages. >> reporter: they are funding them through social welfare nonprofits that are affiliated with those super pacs we heard so much about. it's legal. instead of candidates, it's issues. >> we're serious about reducing the deficit. we have to combine spending cuts with revenue. >> but so far, a huge tax increase is his solution. >> reporter: it may feel like the election season never ended. >> the time for politics has ended. >> reporter: and apparently, it hasn't. because the "fiscal cliff" fight is now fodder for political commercials known as issue ads. this one is running on cable news networks by a nonprofit called crossroads. >> call president obama and tell him, it's time to show us a balanced plan. >> reporter: it is a big switch
6:28 pm
from presidential politics to full-scale lobbying. >> on the one hand it's bizarre this coming around the pike right now, on the other hand this is the nature of the campaign finance structure we have created. >> reporter: the president is still in full campaign mode, as well. this time, he is not looking for votes. he's looking for public support in handling this "fiscal cliff." and he still knows how to rile the crowd in detroit. >> what we shouldn't be doing is trying to take away your rights to bargain for better wages and working conditions. [ applause and cheers ] >> campaigns never end. that's something that's been going on -- that's an innovation in the presidency in the last 30 years. it's the campaigning to govern thing. after the campaign is over you campaign on policy. >> reporter: so are these ads working? according to the latest poll out from abc news and the "washington post," not really. 49% of americans say they approve of how the president is handling the "fiscal cliff" crisis versus just 25% who approve of the republicans speaker of the house john boehner. >> thank you.
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we have some breaking news now out of southern california. cal state fullerton is on lockdown. we have a live picture of the campus for you there. here's what's going on. police are searching for two armed men. now they believe it started when five suspects robbed a jewelry store in riverside county. after a chase that ended near the fullerton campus, apparently they have been able to arrest two of those suspects. police checking the campus for two others and we have some earlier video of the fifth suspect respect who police say carjacked this silver car and took off. the chase went on for miles. it finally anded in watts where police chased the suspect down and arrested him at that baseball diamond. the white house has one word for korea's rocket launch. irresponsible. now the united nations security council is work on their response. cbs news reporter monica villamizar has more. >> reporter: north korea says it fired this long-range rocket
6:30 pm
into orbit to launch a weather satellite. but many suspect this launch brings the communist nation a step closer to developing the technology to carry a nuclear weapon across the pacific. >> it is highly regrettable that north korea chose to take this course in flagrant violation of its international objections. it is only going to serve to further isolate the north korean regime. >> reporter: the united nations security council held an emergency meeting after the almost and called it a clear violation of u.n. resolutions. the u.s. demands north korea be held accountable. >> we are very much ready to engage with our colleagues on the council and we will be searching for a clear and credible response. >> reporter: but north koreans danced in the street to celebrate their success. "it was a happy event that showed off our national power on the highest level." just eight months ago a similar
6:31 pm
launch failed when the rocket broke up shortly after liftoff. the white house says this latest event is irresponsible and threatens regional security. [ screaming ] >> reporter: activists in south korea burned an effigy of north korea's president. they called on stiffer economic pressure on the neighborhood. monica villamizar, cbs news. he was made famous by the beatles and he famously despised being linked to pot smoking hippies. the life, time and talent of ravi shenkar. >> and our jefferson award winner coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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3-time grammy winner, ravi shankar has died in southern california. he was sometimes known as
6:34 pm
the mozart of india. three-time grammy winner rav shi shenkar has died in southern california. ravi introduced the long necked instrument the sitar to the western world. he played opening day at woodstock made appearance at the monterey jazz festival. his daughter singer norah jones says he will be missed by music lovers everywhere. he died from complications of heart valve surgery. he was 92. this week's jefferson winner created something better for people with developmental disabilities. she is expanding the world for her clients in the name of a stronger community for everyone. kate kelly reports. >> i put things away. i fold. i say hi to customers and they talk to me and they hug me and
6:35 pm
see me smile. >> reporter: 39-year-old robin sloan has been working at banana republic in corte madera for 15 years thanks to a program called pacific diversified services, or pds. >> our mission is to help people with disabilities become active members of their community through work and also through community interaction. >> reporter: founded 22 years ago by lisa jerald did geraldi, it's about getting out and doing activities. >> the reward is seeing people improve their quality of life and enjoy simple pleasures like getting a paycheck. >> reporter: an important part of the program is finding part- time work for her clients like kevin who for 16 years helped at a market and sally harrison who stocks the shelves >> i have two jobs i love and i have people that care about me and i live in my own place now.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: you take them into the real world and put them in a context where they're happy, where they're being included, where they're being treated with dignity and respect. and it is not even the same person. >> reporter: today pacific diversified services or pds has 27 clients and for lisa these aren't short term relationships. they are relationships that can last a lifetime. at the pds offices in san anselmo lisa and her staff coordinate carpooling clients and various activities six hours a day five days a week. >> think they would have fun together. >> reporter: from classes at college of marin to yoga and trips to the mall, being out in the world builds confidence and lifeskills. just ask robin's mother patty, who brought her daughter to lisa's program 15 years ago. >> i have seen her become much, much more independent and her self advocacy skills have been growing by leaps and bounds.
6:37 pm
>> they are in the community because they belong in the community and deserve to be there. >> reporter: this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to lisa giraldi. kate kelly, cbs 5. >> get in touch with pds using the link on, click "connect" at the top of the page and jefferson awards to find our story on lisa. we would like to take this opportunity to let you know tonight's newscast is brought to you by the number 12. ♪ [ music ] >> 12! >> it's an extravaganza! the significance and the celebration of this highly composite number. >> i had a problem with my duodenary but that's a different story. now we'll have a snow report from channel 5.
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they have 15 inches of new snow on the base of 26 to 48" at heavenly. northstar 8" of new snow there with 7 lifts operating. squaw valley two feet of new snow and finally, at sugar bowl, a little bit of of the white stuff as well and the man who all of us heads straight for the black diamonds, ladies and gentlemen, here's dennis. >> thank you very much. the warriors take their talents to south beach where there is no snow. and how one san francisco prep star is making the most of a difficult family situation at usf. ,, you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. date. couples all over the it's not doomsday but it's something we'll never see again in our lifetimes. a repeating date. couples all over the country say 12/12/12 is lucky. and they took advantage. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman shows us how. reporter: hey, it's 12/12/12. let's see what the mayans are cooking up. this is a tasty burrito. at mayan cuisine in san francisco they serve up
6:42 pm
authentic mayan food and authentic mayan culture. >> mother nature got to have a doomsday date. we are obviously causing it. >> reporter: pedro is originally from what is now southeastern mexico formerly the maya region. 2012 on 12/12, 12/121, 12/23, the date is in dispute it comes from 400 years ago. >> it is the end of an era, of the end of a cycle. >> reporter: another era is set to begin but the world won't end. >> just a wake-up call. >> reporter: the world may end if we keep going this way, pedro says, and his forefathers apparently knew that 400 years ago. >> in fact, this is supposed to be a very extremely positive thing. >> reporter: numerologists sally fabian who levels in the devilishly addressed 666 post street says spirits are helping us clean up our act. >> it's a time when the earth is being helped to survive basically. >> reporter: and so is the
6:43 pm
wedding business. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: at exactly 12 minutes after 12:00 on 12/12/12, some of the 12 couples to marry in the city of alameda today changed their lives dramatically too. you're not changing your name? >> oh, sorry. [ laughter ] >> reporter: repeating numbers are supposed to be lucky. >> she won't forget that anniversary. i promise that. >> reporter: are you tied of all this numerology repeating numbers? good news. you won't see it again. the next one is 01/01/01, january 1, 2101. you'll be dead! mike sugerman, cbs 5. brian hackney in for paul deanno and we're about to put this evening to rest. >> yes. 12/12/12. >> absolutely. >> yes. and the showers and everything else but not for long. nevertheless, we have a great light show on the way for the bay area tomorrow night. first outside we had showers
6:44 pm
not much, about .10". we are looking toward the golden gate bridge. the city picked up a little less than .10". it will be freezing in some of the inland locations, patchy, dense fog, as well. right now 47 at concord, 53 oakland. but most of the rain is headed south. the hi-def doppler is picking up nary an echo out there except a little out at the central valley. for us it's left us mostly behind. we expect things to get sunny tomorrow, then the clouds increase hopefully late tomorrow night and it looks like there's a chance of showers on friday. stay tuned on that. but what's happened is low pressure that was over the bay area has now pushed south. the rain is in the vicinity of san luis obispo. speaking of san luis obispo, you know, that's where i got my start doing weather. and i went from san luis obispo to san diego and my last day on the air i said, i'm leaving you, san st. louis st. louis to san diego and i'm
6:45 pm
leaving you in the capable hands of this person. and for the first time i'm on the air. >> this is the first time we have been on the air together since then. here's the gal who replaced >> 28 years ago! >> 28 years ago. i love him. he taught me everything i know. so thank you. you are the god. let me move out of here. >> kind of feel good about that. [ laughter ] >> now what's happening tonight. >> you're blushing is what's happening tonight. >> lovely to see you again. >> tonight, we hope to clear things out so that by tomorrow night we have totally set the stage for perhaps seeing some of these maybe two a minute, the geminids meteor shower the mow robust meteor shower of the year could produce 2 shooting stars a minute but you have to follow simple directions. this is tomorrow night. they will peak late tomorrow night and you can expect an average of 2 meteors a minute! at the peak. best time is after midnight don't have to look anywhere particular. you might favor the southwestern sky. just look up. you have to be away from city lights.
6:46 pm
if you are not away from city lights, you won't see many. the darker the sky the better. late thursday night, early friday morning. i hope the weather cooperates. we have a system coming in. overnight lows tonight chilly, 34 degrees in santa rosa, 43 in san francisco. and san jose 38 degrees. 34 for livermore. now, tomorrow we are going to be looking for more sunshine and the temperatures will be in the mid-50s. oakland 56. in the city 54. san jose 55. and in santa rosa 55. the extended forecast we are looking for a nice day tomorrow and increasing clouds and a chance of showers on friday. after friday, the weekend looks unsettled. maybe rain on-again, off- again. timing is hard to call on this. monday and tuesday unsettled. so stay tuned on the extend. it looks wet on friday. lets me once again toss to my good pal, roberta. >> i seriously love that man.
6:47 pm
thanks, brian. good evening, tonight is another extraordinary night for "food for bay area families." here at cbs 5 we have olivia and lucas and we have chief instructor mike lee from the kung fu academy out of concord. and my good buddy larry sly who is executive director of the food banks from solano and contra costa counties. thank you so much for being here. mike, you and your students have done extraordinary things to feed the hungry here in the bay area. please explain. >> on saturday november 17, the kung fu academy in concord holessed a food drive party for our students, families and the local community. we held a food drive. we asked for $5 or 5 cans of food and together we raised 2349 pounds of food for -- >> okay. we need a drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] >> how much duff raise? >> 2, 349 pounds of food! >> whoo! wahoo! >> good job! >> i love this. because they just, you know,
6:48 pm
didn't toss the money our way. they rolled up their sleeves and got down to some business and did some hard work, larry. >> it was phenomenal. i mean, i know two of their watch words were integrity and kindness and this demonstrates the kids acting this out. it's phenomenal. that's going to help us -- you're talking more than 4,000 meals, nearly 5,000 meals it will help us provide and help the 189 profits we work with feed people in the community who really need help so it's a great effort on their part. >> and there are more and more kids that need assistance. >> lots of kids. we have several programs that are providing food directly to kids in child care centers, after-school programs, and direct distribution pieces. there's a lot of children who need help as well. >> i think you students over here look healthy. look at those eyes. wow! you're telling me that you have a special message for everybody at home? >> yeah. >> reporter: you want to tell us that message. >> sure.
6:49 pm
tatwong kung fu academy fights for hunger. >> do it all together! >> academy pledged to knock out hunger! >> ha! >> oh, yeah! >> i wish we could knock out hunger that easily because that is great! very impressive! larry, we want to remind everybody at home that they can do their part with donations or gathering food at visiting us online for more information at eyewitness news will return right after this. high yeah! ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
so far the warriors are the biggest surprise in the nba. at 14-7, they are off to their best start in 20 years. but what better way to measure your progress than to take on the defending world champs on their home floor? king james wasn't getting the royal treatment. david lee shoves him to the floor. he would get up favoring but it just ended. here's how it ended. still just a two point gameh three to go. norris cole mi, but dwayne wade is there tot it back. he's fouled extendg the miami lead to 4... ((sce update)) >> green with nine-tenths left! >> los angeles had just one victory in the last six games
6:53 pm
and head coach mike d'antoni was not happy with reporters' line of questioning last night. >> did you work on defense? >> hell, yeah. we worked for a half hour on it. [overlapping speakers] >> you're starting to piss me off because you say something that's not factually correct. >> while d'antoni was frustrated with that journalist, check out what happened to another reporter's phone that he was using to record a press conference with louisville coach rick pitino. >> i don't want to go too overboard with russ, you know, because -- [ ringing ] >> hold on one second. [ laughter ] >> hello? i'm just doing a press conference. [ laughter ] >> >> where would you like to meet for a drink? ruby's? i have to go -- i have to go recruiting. i'll give the phone to bob and you can ask him,k? thank you. hold on one second. [ laughter ]
6:54 pm
>> some people wants to have a drink with you, bob. >> turns out bob is married. so is tom brady. much to the display of women everywhere. the 49ers beat the patriots in a huge showdown and brady is the hottest quarterback in football in more ways than one. brady has 29 touchdowns and a league low four interceptions this season. elizabeth, this is for you, by the way. he won his record-breaking 23rd play of the week award today and we don't have your attention by now, new england's 21-1 in december since 2007. add it up? he's an mvp contender again. >> if you had an mvp vote, who would you give it to? >> i don't have that vote. if i did that's a hypothetical. we don't answer hypotheticals at the patriots. belichick was stand up here and say you moron, why would you answer a hypothetical question like that? i sit there. he doesn't have to look so far. >> the only difference he can see when he played with you last five years ago is more wrinkles. >> oh, really?
6:55 pm
he's probably right. it's called kids. marriage. >> i can attest to that. see all the gray hair? anyway, we have had some pretty interesting sports names in the bay area. milton bradley, coco crisp. they come to mind but there's a new one right here. by the way he is a good ballplayer, too. >> reporter: de'en parker made the ultimate sacrifice this year. the san francisco native transferred from ucla to usf to come back home to be next to his ailing foster mom, carmen johnson. carmen is battling colon cancer, diabetes and is recovering from heart surgery last spring. >> when i was real young i had a great opportunity to be able to have a mother like her, you know, in general. to take me and my two sisters in. because of out she took care of me and how she kind of molded me into being the young man i am today i feel like i owe her
6:56 pm
the respect to come back and take care of her now. >> it's been a blessing to have him close to me to help me through my hardships and my sickness that i have been going through. >> reporter: the san francisco native is nowhere near the end of his basketball career. the standout is making a difference on the hilltop leading the team in scoring average 18 points a game for the 5-2 dons. >> de'end parker! >> i'm a city boy. every time i put a uniform on, i feel like i'm representing the city. >> reporter: you have to sit out a year but he got a waiver. >> i'm a better coach when he is on the floor. >> it would have been the right decision to come here first honestly. when you have a coach that believes in your talent that
6:57 pm
goes a long way than a bigger school. putting my time there and develop my game in san francisco. see if i dan make it in san francisco. captions by: caption colorado [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
6:58 pm
i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible.
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announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank ya'll for coming. thank you very much. thank y'all very much. hey, welcome, to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey, and boy, we got another good one for you today. returning for the fourth day, from lynden, washington, it's the kayser family. [cheers and applause] and from right here in

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